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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

"Everything was explained in simple terms. The office was very comfortable (home-like environment). I would recommend them to others and already have."

-Sheryl D.

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"Jeremy did a great job handling this case. He was on top of everything that was going on. He is easy to talk to, explains things well, and does a great job representing clients. I would definitely recommend him to others!"

-Rick G.

"The Law Office of Jeremy M. Burnside explained everything to us and answered all of my questions. Attorney Burnside made me feel comfortable when we talked and I would recommend him to others . . . [regarding my medical care], they would call the house checking up on us."

"The Law Office of Jeremy M. Burnside cared about my medical care and well-being. Every time I called with a concern, Kara and Jeremy would tell me, 'You just worry about getting better and we'll take care of the rest.'"

"I would definitely recommend them."

- Tami

"Without the Law Office of Jeremy M. Burnside, LLC, the insurance company would still be holding out. Jeremy and his staff took care of things and were very kind and helpful."

- Sonny & Donna L.

"I was made to feel that my case and myself were very important. I would highly recommend the Law Office of Jeremy M. Burnside, LLC!"

- Ricky E.

"It was great. Attorney Burnside was very good about always keeping in contact with me. Attorney Burnside was very concerned about my health."

-Jeff C.

"I took comfort knowing that my personal injury case was taken seriously and professionally."

-David D.

Brandon S. "Wanted justice for the wrongdoing that was done" to him and "don't know if [he] would have gotten [his case] resolved" without the help of the Law Office of Jeremy M. Burnside, LLC.

Brandon "Felt very comfortable in the office and the workers were very nice."



Withouthe Law Offices of Jeremy M. Burnside, LLC, what do you think would have happened to you in regards to your case?

"Without them, I know I would've ended up with nothing.   And Mr. Burnside came through for me and really helped my case." - Naomi B.

"The adverse insurance company would not have taken the our physical and financial status seriously and would have tried their best to get off the hook. . . " - James J.

"Without Jeremy and his office, I would have gotten the bare minimum allowed for my accident." - Sonya A.

"If it wasn't for Jeremy, we would have never received any recovery." - Debra S.


Did the Law Offices of Jeremy M. Burnside, LLC care about your medical care and well-being before you signed the release?

"Yes. Things were explained in great detail before signing and Mr. Burnside showed a great deal of concern for my daughter and myself." - James J.

"Yes. They looked ahead to my future doctor appointments. They also reviewed my medical records." - Rhonda C.

"Yes. They asked me constantly how I was doing and if was I was hurting. Jeremy and his office were concerned for my well-being." - Deanita R.

"Yes. But it was a shame that I hired him so late in the game. I wish I had Jeremy from the start." - Debra S.

"Yes. They frequently asked questions about my medical care." - Angie W.


Please describe your experience with the adverse party (i.e. insurance company) before hiring the Law Offices of Jeremy M. Burnside, LLC:

"The insurance company was hard to get a hold of. They were not very cooperative and were very insensitive to my feelings regarding the accident." - Sonya A.

"My hospital bills were not getting paid by the insurance company." - Donna C. "The insurance company made me very pressured and nervous about the choices i had." - Rebecca A.

"I felt like I was not worthy of their time. They wouldn't take me seriously. I also felt disrespected." - James J.

Please describe your experience with the Law Offices of Jeremy M. Burnside, LLC:

"I was made to feel that everything would be okay as far as legal matters went. I felt very comfortable with all staff. They were all down to earth and professional people. I would most definitely recommend this law office to everyone. (Thanks Jeremy for caring and working so hard) - James J.

"I thought everything was handled with a caring heart. I would recommend this office to others in need and already have told people that they need to have Jeremy Burnside represent them!" - Teri S.

"The staff is great and very helpful. They always take the time to explain things and are available to help. Jeremy Burnside explained the law in a way that I could understand." - Patricia S.

"They explained every detail of the case with me. I felt very comfortable with M. Burnside. I would refer him to anyone that needed help with a case. He was great!" - Naomi B.

"I contacted them on short notice and they jumped right in. to guide me through all of the uncertainties. Things were resolved quickly so I could get on with my life. I would highly recommend him to anyone!" - Rhonda C.

"Everything was explained very well. I felt completely comfortable in his office. He and his staff were always very courteous and friendly. I definitely would recommend him to others." - Sonya A.

"I felt like a member of his family. They made me feel very comfortable and relaxed and i would highly recommend to anybody." - Deanita R.

"He always discussed any decision I needed to make very thoroughly and always made me feel free to call or drop in if i had any questions. I would definitely recommend him." - Rebecca A.

"He took his time and was never in a hurry. He answered all of my questions so I could understand. He is very laid back and I felt like he was talking to a friend and not a "client" to make money. I felt very comfortable in the office." - Katherine H.

"Jeremy never gave up. he stayed with us all the way. He is a great lawyer. I am surprised that he got us what we received. I wish you were my lawyer all along. Thank you, Jeremy!" - Debra S.

"I would recommend him to others. They always let me know when my appointments were and always asked if i had questions. This was very important to me." - Donna C.

"I did feel comfortable in the office. I would recommend Jeremy to others - - and have. I feel Jeremy works hard to get the best results for his clients." - Shelley F.

"Jeremy M. Burnside, LLC is a one of the best professional law firms I got service so far. The staff are very friendly, informative and swift to take actions. Also, my special thanks to Attorney Mr. Nikolay G. Markov for his great service."     - Sinan EVCAN.


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