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Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney to Work for You

Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney to Work for You

Why even hire a personal injury lawyer?  That’s a great question.  But I have a better one:  Why not hire a personal injury attorney? 

My clients initially contact me because they recognize the obvious:  They are not experts in personal injury law and do not want to be taken advantage of by the insurance company. My clients are usually people who have never been in an accident before and are afraid of the uncertainties they face with the claims process.  But after talking with me about their case, they discover that they need a lawyer to protect their rights while they concentrate on getting better.

It’s hard enough treating for a personal injury - - let alone treating and dealing with all the complicated laws surrounding personal injury law.  Before hiring me, my clients do not know what subrogation is.  They don’t know about their important responsibilities relating to their own personal insurance carrier.  They don’t know about certain coverages that may be available to them that they would not have found but for the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney.  My clients discover that they need me to not only protect their rights and ensure their case will be most effectively presented to the insurance company, but they are happy to discover the peace of mind me and my office staff provides as they go through this sometimes very life-altering event.

I believe the following to be true:  If you don’t know what subrogation is, you need a lawyer.  If the insurance company states or insinuates that you may be comparatively at fault, you need a lawyer. If you don’t know how your bills should be paid, you need a lawyer.  If you don’t know if you have gotten the proper care before reading a release of claims form, you need a lawyer.  And the list goes on. 

My job is not only to address these matters for you in a legal context, but to be your champion.  When my clients are depressed, they know they can call me at any time.  When they are not comfortable with their medical treatment, they are relieved that I am here to sometimes point them to a better medical provider who may be more apt to fight for them than a disinterested doctor who cares more about getting paid than he or she does about the recovery of their patient.

I sometimes find myself in a position of encouragement when there is no family or other support system for the client.  I frequently provide that important shoulder to cry on. And I always care. 

With my office, you won’t be just hiring a team to protect you, you are hiring a family to support you.

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