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Re-purposed Church Projecting Strength and Compassion

Our team operates primarily out of our main office, at 1118 Hutchins St. located in Portsmouth, Ohio.  We do have other offices, but we are proud to call our special Portsmouth office, home. 

While we practice law all over the State of Ohio and throughout Northern and Eastern Kentucky, our base of operations is located here, at the former Calvary Baptist Church, located in between US 52 East and US 52 West.

Known as a historic congregation in Portsmouth, Calvary Baptist outgrew its former Hutchins St address, opening the door for my office to purchase it - - and to repurpose it into our main office.  we believe this to be only the second law office in the country to be repurposed from a large church.  We also believe it to be the only church building to now have its own mock courtroom.

The old Calvary Baptist church was here in Portsmouth in the 1800’s when it caught fire around the turn of the century.  That’s about when they built this new, beautiful building.

Our building looks like a castle and projects strength on the outside.  On the inside, we try to make it as warm and welcoming as your own home.  We know visiting with lawyers can be scary.

Our mock courtroom area is important to me because I like to try cases to juries.  While I prefer to keep my clients out of the dangerous waters of a risky jury trial, I embrace the challenge and enjoy the competitive nature of a trial. There are many cases where a jury trial is necessary for a victim or a victims family to achieve justice.  To go to trial means to be prepared. 

In our main office, we have a mock courtroom.  This courtroom serves many purposes.  We use it for an alternate conference room, a community event attraction, and place to go through our cases, but most importantly, a mock trial is a great place to prepare a client for sitting in this, the witness box.  To many people, there can be nothing scarier than telling eight strangers and a courtroom full of spectators and other strangers about how one’s life changed forever, but to be cross examined about it - - that’s difficult, even for people who otherwise have no problems talking in front of people.

And because we know sitting in a witness stand can be scary, we assist the client by allowing them to sit in a witness stand and go through their testimony.  We also prepare a sample cross examination for them so as to calm their nerves when usually the insurance companies’ lawyers try to trip up the witnesses or use certain tactics to get the witness to agree to  maybe agree to things they don’t mean.

Preparation is key for any jury trial.  A mock courtroom helps the lawyer - - but it is essential to the nervous client.

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In our office, we are proud of our mock courtroom. Equipped with a state-of-the-art audio/visual system, we take preparing for trial seriously.

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